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On this page you will find some of the many walks and excursions available with departure from Rifugio Rinfreddo. All the itinerary we propose offer an exceptional range of sights at 360° and cross zones of great interest; , and historical.
The journeys times are indicative and are intended for round trips.
The Malga of Nemes and Coltrondo offer food, the Obstansersee e Filmoor (both in Austrian land) offer food as well as overnight stay
The l’Hirtenhütte (Capanna Vallorèra) and the army barrack above the Frugnoni offer shelter in case of bad weather.
Rinfreddo is easy to reach by foot setting out from the villages of Dosoledo, Casamazzagno, from Passo Monte Croce Comelico and form “Ponte della Costa” located along the carriage road which lead to Rinfreddo (see relative direction on margin)

..... From the Ponte della Costa (time required 30-50 minutes)
In proximity of the Parking placed approximately 100 meters after Ponte della Costa (on the stretch of road not asphalted) on the right starts the footpath across the Woods which brings you to Rinfreddo. Always used by the Shepherds for the transhumance of the Cattle, the path is comfortable and travelable even with children and, with a bit of luck, you might be able to have a glimpse of a few roes or to find some porcini mushrooms (to pick them a permit is necessary)
... From Passo Monte Croce (time required 1 – 1 1/2 hours)
Take the Pathway n.131 and go along till you cross the path n149 which, across the Woods, brings you to Lago dei Rospi, then Malga Coltrondo and then to Rifugio Rinfreddo
... from Dosoledo (time required 3 3 1/2 hours)
Uphill from the Village of Dosoledo, on the right of the Church – area Nleri (Nellere), starts the path n 150 witch climbs first across the Woods and then along the Meadows, till it connects with the Path n 149 in proximity of Casera Campobon. From here take a left and continue till the junction in the area of “La Ponta” and then down on the winding road (still marked n149) till Rifugio Rinfreddo
... from Casamazzagno (required time 3- 3 ½ hours)
Reach (by car or foot) the beginning of Coston dell Sommo which is situated at the end of the asphalted road that goes up from S. Leonardo, on top of the village of Casamazzagno. Here starts the pathway n149 which first goes up through the Woods till 1785m high, then cuts across all the Costa della Spina until “La Ponta” and finally down along the winding road till Rifugio Rinfreddo.
Click on the numbers or on the itinerary to visualize the excursions details


1 Rif. Rinfreddo - Alpe di Nemes - Col della Croce

2 Rif. Rinfreddo - Ex Forte - "I Fornatti"

3 Rif. Rinfreddo - Ex Forte - Passo Silvella - Sella del Quaternà

4 Rif. Rinfreddo - Malga Nemes -Hoirtehutte (capanna Vallorera) - Passo Silvella - Sella del Quaterna

5 Rif. Rinfreddo - Ex Forte - Passo Silvella -Sella dei Frugnoni - Obstanserseehute (Rifugio al lago Obstanser / Austria)

6 Rif. Rinfreddo -Malga Nemes - Monte Rosso -traversata cresta di confine - Passo Silvella

7 Rif. Rinfreddo -traversata della Spina

8 Rif. Rinfreddo - Sella Frugnoni -Cima Vanscuro - Monte Cavallino - Filmoorhutte (Rifugio Filmoor / Austria

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